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This is me when younger, handsomer, and with more hair.


This is her when she was a beautiful, talented, doctor-ballerina-chef, i.e., right now this very minute.

I am NOT a chef!! And I'm NOT talented!! I just work hard and I like to cook and eat! My wonderful husband is overstating the case considerably! My background is a bit weird, but  helps to explain my palatte. Growing up in the 80's in NYC my Irish-German mother cooked dinner every night. Every. Night. She made mostly things from the 70's, staples from the Moosewood Cookbook (<3 Katzen <3). Our default dinner was broiled fish. Our Sunday dinner was honey soy sauce garlic chicken and Southern baking powder biscuits. This never seemed weird to us - good things eaten together were our "normal."


We also took advantage of all the tasty, readily-available and cheap food NYC had to offer: it never occured to the 4 of us kids to refuse the vindaloo or the aiji no tataki and ask for mac & cheese (made for us on birthdays ONLY!). We just ate...and didn't realize how unusual our childhoods were till we left home. Mom was, and still is, an excellent home cook. We all started cooking with her and our grade-school efforts (lopsided olive oil cornbread, udon tasting like soy sauce and nothing else!) were always admired and encouraged. 


To all the hardworking home cooks: you don't need fancy training or $$ ingredients to make excellent meals. Just eat what tastes good!


When it comes to food, and many other things, I am not particularly well educated. However, I have opinions, and this blog is a vehicle to plaster those not educated opinions all over the internet.  I am cleverly placing my opinions next to those of a beautiful, talented, doctor-ballerina-chef, and expect osmosis to result in you taking everything I say quite seriously.


Anyway, since she talked about her childhood, I guess I'll do the same.  I grew up in the suburbs, outside of DC. In a cul de sac. The front yard had a big tree.  The side yard had a hill for sledding.  Mom and Dad both had government jobs (Dad played video games and tested wine, and Mom was a spy).  So they were both home every night for family dinner, which usually consisted of a classic meat dish, like a roast chicken or meatloaf, along with sides like rolls, mashed potatoes, and some kind of vegetable, such as canned corn.  These were wholesome meals, like everything else about my childhood. My wife claims that I'm disgustingly well-adjusted.

He wrote this and refused to let me take it down!

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